About Mara

“I especially love the opportunity to craft and capture in film unforgettable characters and create scenes no one will ever  forget.” says ~Mara LeGrand who is an award winning photo–feature journalist, screenwriter, poet, health columnist and former writer-producer of a weekly public radio broadcast.  She has a vast body of both fiction and non – fiction including  a series of how-to books based on her thirty year career in the field of Public Health & Health Education.
Her dual career in Media Arts and Holistic Health and Wellness Promotions bring a powerful and unique ability to understand the needs of her clients and develop projects that reflect their individual style and desires told through story and strategy.
She has a Master of Science in public health & nutrition and a PhD in Philosophy & Holistic Studies completed in 1995.  The focus of her Ph.D. was Ayurvedic Medicine which Mara spent three years studying at The Ayurvedic Institute and in India,   She then owned and operated an international destination holistic health retreat  and was in private integrative medicine  practice.
Mara has been an innovator in the field of public health, corporate wellness, Holistic Medicine delivery & education since the early 80’s.   In addition to starting the first Wellness program for the city of Boulder Co, she also owned and operated her own corporate wellness company with clients such as Kodak, Storage Technologies and IBM.  Her public speaking and interpersonal communication skills are well honed to reach into a broad range of demographic groups. Her “Poems of Compassion” anthology reflects her cross cultural and deep seated insights into the feelings and needs of others.
In addition, Mara has written and directed two documentaries about the importance of stewardship of nature:   “Heart & Soil, and “Wild Horses In Winds of Change.”  As a Co-Producer for “Ed Meets His Maker”, she was actively involved in the process of adapting the short story to script and had a hand in nearly every aspect of production.
In 1985 Mara was a contributing writer and public health worker for a  documentary about Western Medicine meeting the traditional cultures of the developing regions of Tibet, Nepal, and China.  She went on to write a series of short stories and articles for a wide range of magazines based upon her experiences in the “field”.  Mara has customized, developed and implemented  many specialized newsletters, multi-media presentations,  marketing and advertising materials for a broad range of organizations  often but not exclusive focusing on personal or planetary health .
Mara has been involved in promoting independent film since 1976 with the Telluride Film Festival. She served  as national publicity director for the Screen Writers Conference in Santa Fe and as a broadcast publicist for the Durango Film Festival.
She  travels widely as a unique voice and an  engaging public speaker on topics related to healthy people for a healthy planet and as an inspirational speaker for stewardship of nature especially  following the screenings of her films .
Mara LeGrand: Ph.D –  Creative Director/ Director/Writer/ Producer/ Filmmaker
Mara LeGrand has through her career worn many hats as she wove together an international health career with her love  and work in media.  She is the  Creative Direction for feature film, documentaries, promotional videos, story crafting, media presentations, public relations, event promotion and production and has been instrumental in idea development across multiple platforms including multi- media campaigns and events.
Her passions are many and her activity level high.  “I especially love the opportunity to craft and capture in film unforgettable characters and create scenes no one will ever  forget.”

 Mara LeGrand 

International Federation of New Media Press Affiliate

Filmmaker: Director/ Producer/ Writer  WILD HORSES IN WINDS OF CHANGE  A NATIONAL PBS BROADCAST FILM.  – view 14 short story videos.

Filmmaker Producer/Writer/Director  HEART & SOIL

Co-Producer: Acclaimed feature ED MEETS HIS MAKER

Writer, Public Radio Production:  YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS

Columnist: GEZENS WELZAIN: Wellness column

Owner Director: Skydancer International Health Retreat

Writer/Public Health Educator – China, Tibet, Nepal. WEST MEETS EAST.

Owner Manager: Honest Abe’s Health Food Store, Telluride CO

Writer/Editor: GOOD MEDICINE NEWS , Indian Health Services

Writer/Director:  A  children’s book series  in development


Juror for Documentary Feature films – Durango Independent Film Festival.
Publicist -Santa Fe Screen Writer’s Conference
Writer of course curriculum for Heart & Soil in educational settings.
Contributes as a guest blogger across a broad web platform.
Certified Health & Wellness Coach – Real Balance. 2012.


B.A. MESA  State University, 1980