About Us.

Writer, Director, Filmmaker – Mara LeGrand Skydancer Productions 

Skydancer Productions has two award winning documentaries ” Heart & Soil” and  “Wild Horses In Winds of Change”.  Both films inspire stewardship of the earth, compassion for animals and conservation and respect for water and resources.  These two films have international distribution and successful broadcast runs on National PBS channels and The Documentary Channel.
As  a healthy planet, healthy people production company we’re always on the look out for our next project.  What’s healthy is a broad basket from anything related to body, mind or spirit of people, animals or the planet.  Contact us if you have something kind of sort of healthy in one way or another – even comedy fits in here, because we all need more of that to be healthy.  We can weave a story for you that highlights your business idea, your company profile, your journey professionally or road map to success.  Commercial these days is also personal so consider Mara LeGrand, for your story – based commercial/ ( or not) video.
Mara LeGrand has shot lots of  videography  in nature, with an eye for portraiture that shines through in her films.  She has filmed wildlife, including bears for a series on black bears, animal life on the farm and deep on the range. She’s directed  children of all ages, and she is a pro at getting great footage from non-actors.  
As a co-producer on “Ed Meets His Maker”, Mara  was an essential part of the casting team, adaptation from book to script, set design, costumes, staffing, housing, catering and had a hand in all things related to production of a feature film. 

With two documentaries, one short feature and 16 web videos broadcast and in distribution, Skydancer Productions is ready to collaborate, partner or  produce your film, books or T.V. series  for you.
Contact us if you have an idea:

Specializing  in character-driven, engaging stories through script writing, video production, and film direction.

Video production and storytelling  for commercials, broadcasts, documentaries,

 Short features, new media and DVDs.

We are masters of story crafting. 
We will  engage your audience  through  a video, book or promotional material about 
your self, 
your business 
your idea & dreams 
your book or music video 
your favorite cause
your promotion 
your product
your relative  
your travels 
your family 
your art 
your home 
your special events 
your history or the history of someone you know that needs to be told

We will help you carry your personal branding image and your unique spin into a video for your marketing, advertising and for public relations. 
Contact us to partner with you on production of the story that needs to be told about you, 
your business,  your family,  your cause or special occasion. 
 Digital Storytelling – Documentaries – Advertising Videos 
Market your business or art  through video
Infomercials, Educational and Instructional videos 
Special Occasion video stories
(weddings, graduations, births, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs )