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Over the river and through the fields of the South West Mara found delightful stories among the hard working farmers and ranchers.  She wove together vinjettes told by authentic characters whose life style and way of life is intricately woven into the land. It was called a beguiling  film that charmed it’s family audience into wanting to dig in and grow their own or to support the local farmers who do.   The multi-award winning 45 min. family documentary features: farmer’s markets, school gardens, farm to school programs, multi-generation farmers and young families digging into their dream. It features the first farmers of the area: The Pueblos speak of sustaining life through clean water, clean air and clean water.

The film stays mostly on the sunny side of the fence as it touches lightly on industrial agriculture.  Mara’s eye for portraiture, highlighting colorful characters , along her selection of music,  takes it’s viewers on a journey filled with soul  and heart as it clips along with the pace of barefoot children and frolicking livestock. Experience the bustling energy of farmer’s markets and farm to school programs. Winner of over 15 Environmental Film Awards.  Besides screenings across the world, the film had broadcast and wide distribution.  It has been a favorite for schools who teach related subjects.  It was used by many non-profits to raise funds  and had a significant presence in  earth day celebrations.  Al Gore presented it at the Earth Day opening of Nashville’s film festival.  It is available to stream on Amazon or for the DVD – contact us.