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We bring your story to life.

We make it fun! Toot Toot!

Get to the heart of it.

Capture hearts and minds.

Story board your great adventures .

We turn great adventures into Film and book.

We do Costume & Set Design

Actor in "Ed Meets His Maker"

Double Your Impact

Double your impact.

Capture essence.

Twilight in her face.

Tell a Point of View

Always mindful of a point of view.

Turning points and Cliff hangers.

Turning points against a current of story. 

We capture your celebrations.

Capture the magical moments of a celebration

Memoirs – Don’t wait.

Lines on his face are like a map to stories he tells.

Destined for stardom.

A star is born.

Who cares?

What does your character want? Will he succeed?

Intimate moments.

A story of how love grows.

Where do we go from here?

Finding a friend.

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Your Idea – Your Story –  We’ll bring zing, sing and ring to your characters,  story points, adventure.  We can add personality to even a basically boring  concept.  Just give us the chance.

  • Hire us to : Write, Direct, Produce – Or partner with us in the process of producing your custom video project/ documentary/ or film.   Our team has collectively won over one hundred awards and has a lifetime of experiences in many aspects related to moving pictures and story telling through word and image.  We also do costuming, set design, location lighting, still photography, voice overs, narration writing and promotional campaigns.
                                    Mara finds story and character in everything.
                     “Her sensibilities are poetic while her story crafting is profound.”  –
                                   Wendel Wellman, author A Writer’s Roadmap
      “Mara understands the heroes journey personally and knows how to identify it in others.” –                                            Christopher Voegler, “The Writers Journey.”
Contact us at skydancerfilms@gmail.com

Our Team — We bring together the best talent and most competitive prices to ensure you  get the product you want.
Your Team  – We love to be put together the team you need or become part of the team  you have.  Contact us about how we can add our creative talents and expertise to your  production.
Our experience includes: script writing, script adapting, script supervision, casting,  costumes, set design, many aspects of production, directing, voice overs, music  selection and rights acquisition, film festival promotions  and web- marketing.
Your Idea – Your Story –  We’ll bring zing, sing and ring to your characters,  story points, adventure.  We can add personality to even a basically boring  concept.  Just give us the chance.
Commission us or Collaborate
Our team of videographers, film editors, photoshop experts, photographers,  illustrators and web based marketing promotions managers deliver the best, under  the creative direction of Mara LeGrand president and Creative Director  of Skydancer Productions.
• the story of your life or an important event in it.
*   dramatize the life story of someone important to you.
• a historical, engaging account of the life of someone you know.
• a video story about your business.
• a promotional video for your business, or idea.
• unforgettable moments like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, sports events, family gatherings, reunions, graduations, births.
• adaptation of story to script
• original screen plays
• costuming
• set design
• location scouting
• casting
• script supervising
• artistic consultation
• fund raising/ business event management & promotions.
• partner with us in making films: truth or fiction, purposeful and inspiring.
Contact us for a personal interview about your project.   We will ask lots of questions so we can more likely assure we deliver the production you envision.    skydancerfilms@gmail.com