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    Child Advocacy Film & Event -Durango Feb. 23.

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Writer, Director, Filmmaker – Mara LeGrand Skydancer Productions  Skydancer Productions has two award winning documentaries ” Heart & Soil” and  “Wild Horses In Winds of Change”.  Both films inspire stewardship of the earth, compassion for animals and conservation and respect for water and resources.  These two films have international distribution and successful broadcast runs on National PBS channels and The Documentary Channel. As  a healthy planet, healthy people production company we’re always on the look out for our next project.  […]

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Learn More about the film childcustodyfilm.com

Child Advocacy Film & Event -Durango Feb. 23.

Feb. 23, Film Screening & Event, Durango CO. Unitarian Fellowship See details.


Wild Horses in Winds of Change

  SELECTED FOR BROADCAST ON PBS CHANNELS NATION WIDE.    Stewardship of the earth, Ecology and Range Land Management are subjects apparent in this educational documentary about America’s mustangs.  Saving America’s mustangs through multiple solutions is key to sustainability for wild horses and for the earth’s resources and long term range management, conservation,  Earth day film.  America’s wild horses are wild life , America’s mustangs are  teachers,  America’s wild horses are guides, horse as healers,  americas mustangs are iconic symbols of freedom, America’s wild horses lawful […]


Heart and Soil

Local farmers inspire a family audience to dig in and grow their own or support those who do. Edible communities, Community Supported Agriculture,  Farmer’s Markets, Farm to School programs, School gardens, Bio -diversity, Ethical Agriculture, ecology, Sustainable Agriculture, Growing Local. organic farming, Earth Day,  are all topics included in Heart & Soil film.  Stewardship of the earth  is at the helm of Skydancer Productions documentaries. Learn all about this film that has won awards as well as hearts and minds from coast to coast. […]