Skydancer Productions: Brings Stories to Screen.

//Skydancer Productions: Brings Stories to Screen.

Skydancer Productions: Brings Stories to Screen.


Mara LeGrand Producer, Director, Writer, Camera, Creative Director.  We make award winning films for broadcast and distribution. 

Mara also teaches Filmmaking, Screen Writing and Digital Storytelling throughout the metro area of Portland Oregon.

Mara has written many original screenplays, adapted a couple of books to script and has studied screenwriting with some of Hollywood’s greatest writers.

At the core of humanity is our connection to story.  Besides making stories come alive on film, we are now in search of life stories families want told about themselves or someone in their family.  Maybe you have a friend or pet whose story should be told and kept forever.  Whoever it is – Stories should be shared.

Contact Mara about what story you’d like turned into a well crafted short film.

You provide the background, old pics or video then we turn it into a digital story/ documentary.  It’s a personal gift you can offer to almost anyone.  It’s so much more than a little of this and a little of that because we at Skydancer Productions know how to turn life’s ups and downs into great stories.

Contact us to hear more.

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