Reflections on Life

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Reflections on Life

Reflections on Life, Beaverton Oregon

Do you have a parent or a Grandparent whose life you would like your kids, Grandkids and future generations to know about? You likely don’t want many of their things, but you do want stories of their life. Life Stories are the true treasures and should be as required as a will.

Why do you want a video life story of yourself or loved one? You want to be remembered as you, not as someone else’s interpretation of who you were. You may feel your life was just average so no one cares. Most of us have average lives. For many Americans the major focus was on work and raising a family. Some of you may want to tell stories of hardships you triumphed over. Some focus on how things were then compared to now. Nostalgia and reminiscing is a very useful activity for the mind and for our well being.

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